John Krasinski Addresses Rumors of Returning to MCU as Reed Richards

John Krasinski Addresses Rumors of MCU Return as Reed Richards

John Krasinski appeared in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Reed Richards, giving fans a look at what one of the most popular fan castings would look like. Despite the appearance, though, Krasinski says he hasn’t had any talks about returning.

During a recent press event for the upcoming third season of Jack Ryan, Krasinski was asked by TheWrap about the chances of him returning to the MCU as the iconic member of the Fantastic Four. According to Krasinski, he hasn’t had any discussions about that, but did enjoy his time in the role.

“There aren’t any discussions at all, the only discussion I had was actually in the second-to-last week of Jack Ryan,” Krasinski said. “Kevin Feige called and said, ‘Would you ever fly to L.A. and play in our sandbox for a day?’ I was honored to do it. I flew right from Budapest when we wrapped and went right to the Doctor Strange set. I’m a big fan of all those characters and that world, so to get to play in that sandbox for one day was a real thrill.”

Krasinski appeared in the Doctor Strange sequel as a variant of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic — one who existed in a different universe. While his appearance was praised by fans, that version of the character met a fast end, as the Scarlet Witch quickly killed him and the rest of the Illuminati.

Whether or not Krasinski returns to play a more established version of Richards is currently unknown, although a Fantastic Four film is currently in development with Matt Shakman set to direct the feature.


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