Lupin Zero Episode 1 & 2 Release Date & Time

A popular series that began in the 1960s still lives up to its name until now. Excited fans of Lupin III have new content to watch due to the new spin-off series coming this week. Here are the details for Lupin Zero Episodes 1 and 2, titled “Lupin, the Boy, meets the Wolf,” and “Bite the treasure on the train.”

When Lupin Zero Episode 1 & 2 Releases

The first two episodes of Lupin Zero will be out on Friday, December 16. The prequel series is going to have a total of six episodes, with a new episode coming out every Friday.

HIDIVE is streaming the series. As of writing, there is no available information yet regarding what time the episodes will be out.

Where to Watch Lupin Zero

HIDIVE is exclusively streaming Lupin Zero. Fans of the series can rewatch all six parts of Lupin the 3rd on the same platform.

About the Series

TMS Entertainment is back to produce Lupin Zero, which will have six episodes. The spin-off series features a young Lupin III and tells an original anime story about his beginnings as the world’s greatest thief. The story is set in the 1960s and features a teenage Lupin III.

Lupin Zero features staff from the various parts of Lupin the 3rd. Daisuke Sakou is directing the series while Ichirou Okouchi handles the series’ composition (Lupin the 3rd Part 5). Additionally, Telecom Animation Film, which previously animated Lupin the 3rd Part 2 and Part 4, is animating the new spin-off. The opening and ending themes will have new versions of “Afro Lupin ’68” and “Lupin III Theme Song II.”

Lupin III is a seinen manga series written by Monkey Punch. Futabasha’s Weekly Manga Action serialized the manga from 1967 to 1969. The first part of the anime, Lupin the 3rd Part I: The Classic Adventures, premiered in 1971. Lupin the 3rd follows the life of Arsène Lupin III, the world’s greatest thief. He is the grandson of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief based on Maurice Leblanc’s stories.


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