Man of Steel 2 Wasn’t Ever Greenlighted, The Flash Cameos in Limbo

James Gunn Addresses Henry Cavill Rumors, Calls Superman a Huge Priority

Despite reports that Henry Cavill is now out once again at DC Studios, co-CEO James Gunn took to social media on Monday to share his love of Superman and debunk any rumors of bad blood between the two.

On his Twitter profile, Gunn shared a photograph of a poster for Richard Donner’s Superman, which commemorated its 44th anniversary over the weekend. The tweet was accompanied by a star and heart emoji, and in typical Gunn fashion, he also stuck around to answer some tweets from fans. One of them was directed at the character of Superman himself, with a fan asking if audiences would see Superman in the future. Gunn responded that “of course” they would, noting that Superman is a “huge priority, if not the biggest.”

In a different thread, Gunn also answered a question about rumors that Henry Cavill had been cast out as Superman after just returning in a cameo in 2022’s Black Adam. A fan tagged Gunn in a tweet alleging that Gunn didn’t like Cavill, with Gunn simply responding that it was false before getting into a bit of a back-and-forth with The Den of Nerds Twitter account.

While it’s unknown what the future holds for Superman, Gunn clearly seems to know just how important both the character and Henry Cavill are to fans of the property. Whether or not either make a return in the near future will have to wait to be seen, however.

The next DC Universe release will be Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which releases March 17, 2023. It will be followed by The Flash, starring the troubled Ezra Miller, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The future afterward is currently uncertain as Gunn and Safran decide upon their 10-year plan for the DCU.


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