Resident Evil Village on PS VR2 Is Free DLC, Will Launch With Headset

Resident Evil Village was announced for PlayStation VR2 at a State of Play in June, but Capcom left out a few details concerning a possible price or its launch date. The company has now divulged more about it, revealing that its PS VR2 support will be free DLC and that it will launch alongside the headset on February 22, 2023.

Capcom took to the PlayStation Blog to speak more about it. Producer Kanda Tsuyoshi noted that players have to own Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil Village Gold Edition in order to play the DLC, and that the DLC has to be downloaded separately. It’s unclear if Village saves will transfer back and forth or if it will have its own launcher, given the peculiar wording.

Regardless, the rest of the post reiterates how players can now dual wield weapons and that the core campaign is the only part that’s playable in virtual reality.

Capcom has yet to detail what the PS VR2 support for the Resident Evil 4 remake will be. It just stated that there will be “content” for PS VR2 owners, but didn’t speak to what that would entail.


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