Candy Apple Aliens Nailed It recipe

Exclusive Nailed It! Baking Challenges for the Rest of Us Recipe: Candy Apple Aliens

ComingSoon is excited to debut a recipe from the official Nailed It! companion cookbook Nailed It! Baking Challenges for the Rest of Us. The recipe shows how to create Candy Apple Aliens and is inspired by the episode “Paranormal Pastries” of the show, which was the second episode of Season 6. The sixth season of the Magical Elves-produced Nailed It! is streaming on Netflix, and the official companion cookbook is available for preorder.


Recipe reprinted from Nailed It!: Baking Challenges for the Rest of Us by the creators of Nailed It! with Heather Maclean. Published by Abrams Image.

Season 6, Episode 2, “Paranormal Pastries”

Makes 1 candy apple

We can’t seem to quit aliens, perhaps because they offer so much color and creativity! (Hopefully not for any other reason . . .like alien mind control.) This is another Baker’s Choice where you can pick which color apple you’d like to make—or make all three!


1 Granny Smith apple, stem removed if necessary

25 single-colored Jolly Rancher candies—blue, red, or green

Edible glitter

4 ounces (115 g) white fondant

Food coloring to match the candies—blue, red, or green


One 5-inch (12-cm), pointed, wooden lollipop stick


1) Melt The Candy

  1. Line a plate with wax paper. Stick the skewer firmly into the top of the apple.
  2. Take the candies out of their wrappers and place them in a medium microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the candy in 30-second bursts until the candy is melted and slightly bubbling. (You can also bake them in an ovenproof container at 300°F/150°C for 8 to 10 minutes.) Avoid stirring the melted candy, as that will create bubbles. Be careful not to touch the melted candy with your skin, as it will be very hot.

2) Dip The Apple

Dip the apple into the melted candy, tilting it to cover the sides almost up to the top. Sprinkle it with edible glitter. Place on plate.

3) Decorate!

  1. Roll a small piece of the white fondant to about ¼ inch (6 mm) thick to make teeth and eyes. Stick onto the apple.
  2. Use food coloring of your choice to dye the rest of the fondant various colors to make the nose, mouth outline, eyes, eyebrows, and tuft of hair and stick them to the apple. Feel free to get creative here; none of us knows what aliens really look like. (Or—wait—do you?)
  3. Use the colored fondant to create ears and antennae. Attach these to the apple using toothpicks.

3, 2, 1 . . . Ya’ done!


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